| brāv(ə)rē | courageous behavior or character

If the years 2015 and 2016 could be associated with a word it would be “transition”. I got engaged, graduated from PTA school, got licensed, moved back to North Texas, started my first job in my new career, planned a wedding, got married, and moved to Houston (all within a year). For some, the succession of events would be welcomed with enthusiasm but I’m a little different. I felt anxious and overwhelmed by the mystery of the future but couldn’t shake the feeling that God was pushing me out of my comfort zone. Despite my excitement, change can be quite daunting to a creature of habit like myself. But this season of life has continually reminded me that nothing is static in this life. I am meant to evolve. I am meant to grow (and thrive) in the places He plants me. I am meant to be brave. 

This brings us to my very first post at Miro the Brave (pronounced – mee-row). Over a year of planning and brainstorming have led me away from the blog I’ve ran since college (R.I.P. TheNixTheory) and to this site that will chronicle life through my vantage point as an evolving 28 year old navigating my world. Miro the Brave will unapologetically document my life and interests as I discover what it means to be brave and bold. It will also be an avenue for me to share the things that I love.

I am so excited to start this new journey and I hope that my stories, experiences, and bravery inspire you to be courageous in all areas of your life – big or small.