More and more of our friends are jumping the broom which means more times where we can come together and celebrate. We’ve gone to two weddings in November and I am officially falling for fall weddings (congratulations Jackie/Reagan and Jordan/Lico)! Autumn is unpredictable in Texas but the weather was mild enough for me to bust out my jumpsuit, blazer, long-sleeved blouses, and dark earth tones for the weddings. Have I mentioned how much I adore autumn threads yet? But most importantly the crisp evenings really set the tone for a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Dancing the night away and getting cozy with your date is perfect (and more comfortable) when the temperature drops.

Aside from the cold weather and cute clothes I’m really starting to appreciate all that goes into planning a wedding and reception. Going through the process just four short months ago makes me respect all of the hard work involved with executing a great event. It’s not an easy feat! I always wonder how the couples’ personalities will be displayed throughout the event. What will the bridal and grooms’ cake look like? What color will the bridesmaids wear? Will the groomsmen don ties or bow ties? What will the décor consist of? Will the party favors be practical, fun, or a combination of both? What kind of music will be played? I love getting the answers as the evening plays out and snapping pictures of the things that inspire me. You never know when you’ll find inspiration from a wedding to help put together another event or even decorate your own space.

Do you like to attend weddings? If so, what season do you prefer and what’s your favorite part of the event?