I want to return to Cozumel. It was the first place Chris and I visited as Mr. & Mrs. and for our first time in Mexico we had a wonderful time. I am so glad I gave up control on picking our honeymoon location and let Chris sort it out. It was absolutely amazing.
We stood under sacred trees and learned about Mayan culture and customs. We marveled at ancient artifacts. Sipped real tequila and learned how it’s made from the blue agave plant. We ventured into the city and haggled for souvenirs. We were all too happy to sit in an air-conditioned Starbucks to escape the humidity. We became one with the ocean. We followed beaten paths through a national park. We rode around the island with the windows down and fell asleep on beaches. We watched movies under the covers. We satisfied our bellies with amazing cuisine and far too much guacamole and pico de gallo. We met kind souls and listened to stories from the island. We pushed our bodies to the limit on kayaks and learned to work together. We set up utilities for our awaiting apartment on sometimes spotty wi-fi. We surrounded each other for days on end and became adjusted to our new normal. We took too many pictures to capture the breathtaking views. We ran from creatures in the night and hung wet clothes on our patio. We braved the rain on many occasions like the locals. We took on adventure together and loved it. Then we vowed to return. Mexico birthed many “firsts” for us and they’ll forever be etched into my heart.

note: We stayed at the Explorean by Fiesta Americana and it was worth every penny. We highly recommend them.