A new year is upon us and it’s filled with hopes, dreams and… resolutions that will be left by the wayside in 90 days or less? Isn’t that what tends to happen when we resolve to meet a goal at the top of the year? Resolutions often get a bad rap and I totally get why. Sure, we don’t have to wait until a new year to make a change in our lives or set goals. Besides, the likelihood of a person sticking to their resolution weeks and even months into the year is usually pretty dismal. But I think what sets us up for failure in terms of goal setting (besides setting lofty goals) is the lack of preparation, lack of time restraints, and lack of accountability.


I put thought into the major goals I want to achieve well before the end of the year and made no more than ten to increase my chances of actually meeting them. A long to-do list doesn’t encourage me. Some of the goals are ongoing but most of them will be achieved before certain parts of the year to leave room for me to throw additional goals in as I see fit. Lastly, I’m recruiting help. Others may not need someone to check on them or call them out when they’re slacking, in a sense, but I need it when it comes to executing certain goals. I have lost one too many battles with procrastination so having my family and friends keep me accountable will be beneficial in the long run. Below are the major goals I want to meet this year plus my plans to achieve them!


What goals have you set this year, if any? Feel free to share ’em with me. I’d love to hear from you, my fellow goal diggers!