We’re a group from different backgrounds, that speak with different accents, with different interests, pursuing different passions, but bound together by one common denominator: friendship. Our adventures have spanned different cities and states but our recent trip led twelve of us to Colorado to ring in the new year. And what a treat Colorado was.


A few of us spent part of the first day roaming around the cold streets of Denver. The air was so clean, crisp, and dry. We ate lunch, made an extremely long grocery run, then made our way to Larkspur where we would be staying. The first night consisted of tacos, laughs, loving on the youngest member of our crew, Guitar Hero, me strongly suggesting everyone ski or snowboard, rest, and failed attempts of making s’mores on fire pits (note: s’mores made on gas stoves are just as tasty).

The second day, New Year’s Eve,  began with the ladies making a pretty solid breakfast while reminding the fellas that they were on dinner duty. Yet another long grocery trip was made then it was time to hit the streets of Denver for a second time. We literally wandered around the Denver Pavilions , received hugs from a super friendly stranger (declined offers of cocaine from said stranger – yikes), hid from the cold as much as possible, and took far too many pictures before the sun set and phone batteries died. The evening consisted of eating, drinking, and struggling to stay awake until midnight. Wake up calls were made around the house with five minutes to spare, a bottle was popped, a loud countdown occurred, kisses and hugs were shared, then trips were made to our respective rooms to sleep. Is this what adulthood is like?

New Year’s Day started off with a bang! More like a quiet and breathtaking drive through mountains to Loveland Ski Resort. Five of us were about to ski/snowboard for the first time and I was beyond excited! Chris, being the daredevil he is, opted to snowboard. To avoid broken bones/tendons and embarrassment I settled for skiing. We rented clothes and equipment then hit the bunny slopes for our lessons. I had entirely too much fun challenging myself to get the techniques down and push through the fatigue. I wasn’t prepared for the full body workout, though! The sweat was real, y’all. I also wasn’t prepared for a ski lift that didn’t include a restraint! Is that common? I reveled in God’s creations around me but also prayed that He’d keep me on the lift because who has time for free-falls? Certainly not me – I had a real slope to conquer! Skiing felt like a mix of ice skating and rollerblading but man was it work; the higher altitude definitely didn’t help. After a few hours we were completely spent and decided to make the drive back to Larkspur to meet up with the rest of the house (they spent their day hiking at Garden of the Gods). After eating, divvying up chores, and freshening up, we made our way to a sub par Christmas light show then made yet another grocery store run for some late night eating. We played alternate versions of White Elephant then made our way to bed. Most of us had early flights to catch back to the real world. Sigh.


I slept for fifteen hours after getting back to Houston and it took another 24 hours just to feel completely rested after such a whirlwind trip. I loved spending time with my friends and bravely tackling skiing head on. I want to return to Colorado in the spring/summer to see what else it’s cities have to offer and I definitely want to ski again.

Have you visited Colorado before? How was your experience? Have you gone skiing in another state? I’d love to hear about it!