Oh Houston how I adore your luscious trees and greenery. Your trails that follow the slow-moving bayous. Your parks that offer  a peaceful break from the busyness of the city. Houston has many parks that are tucked away in different neighborhoods throughout the city and are awesome in their own right – but I chose to highlight Buffalo Bayou Park because of it’s location and amenities.

The Buffalo Bayou is 160 acres of urban beauty that’s in the heart of the city. Despite its location parts of the park feel far removed from the loudness of the street. You can rent a bicycle for a few bucks or simply walk/run the trails along the bayou. You get a nice workout thanks to the hills and get tons of coverage from the many trees and underpasses.



Not in the mood for a walk or a bike ride? The park is also home to a skate park, several art installations, a restaurant, a cistern that offers tours and occasional art shows and tons of open space to let your pets run around, throw frisbees, or have a picnic. Buffalo Bayou park is family friendly and has an adorable play area for kids! Depending on your level of fear you can even watch a colony of bats take flight at sunset. The park is usually the busiest in the evenings just before sunset and most parts of the trail are well-lit, especially under the underpasses. You should definitely have this park on your radar if you’re in the area! You can learn more about the perks of Houston parks here and Buffalo Bayou Park, specifically, here.

Do you enjoy being outdoors? If so, what activities do you like? Are parks your jam like they are mine? Drop a note in the comment section below!