Let’s just state the obvious here – I love food. Luckily, Houston has tons of diverse restaurants to choose from. And I don’t know about you but when I find a place I like to eat at I tend to hold on to it for days when I don’t feel like being adventurous with my food choices. I may hold on too tightly but I’ll get into that in a minute. Ladies and gents, welcome to Lowbrow; Montrose’s inviting restaurant and bar.

I’ve got to start by saying that I was a bit crushed when I found out Lowbrow had new owners. Even though change is some times needed I was holding on to the things that made Lowbrow unique. I loved that I could dine indoors on a comfy couch or sit on their small but cute patio. Depending on the night I could watch re-runs of The Joy of Painting or Animaniacs on their projector. I could eat my meal in a super relaxed restaurant without much of a wait. I had real reasons to be worried that everything I loved about it would change. After visiting a month after the switch I realized that things did change. The menu is smaller, the couches are gone, the names of dishes have changed, and there’s less random décor. The food, however, still tastes great no matter the time of day you decide to pop in. So don’t fret, new visitor, Lowbrow is still amazing (even if a wee bit more upscale).


Part of the reason we visit at least twice a month is because of the amazing burgers. Note: Make sure to ask for the Juicy Lucy if you go – the burger is no longer on the menu but it’s available upon request! They pair perfectly with frites and spicy mayo. We’ve had their country fried steak, chicken and BBQ sandwiches and weren’t disappointed. We’ve heard from friends that the fried brie on the brunch menu is amazing. If you’re ever in the Montrose neighborhood swing by – you never know I may just be there!


What’s a restaurant in your hood that you can’t get enough of? What draws you there?