On this month a year ago, I shared Miro The Brave with the world. I chose bravery in spite of fear and decided to share my truth not really knowing how it would be received. I left the comfort of privacy in the blog I ran since college and ventured into a new domain where I could glorify God through my gifts, encourage others, explore new interests, and document my life in my season of evolution.

Evolution, despite its necessity, hasn’t always reassured me. I struggled with doubt and some times felt insecure about sharing my writing with the world. I fell into the trap of comparison and downplayed my gifts. I believed the lie that I am small and my voice is insignificant. I became content with inconsistency until I realized that I am meant for excellence. Miro The Brave, as a brand, is meant for excellence. And even though I may have off days I will never shy away from an opportunity to grow and expand out of fear or doubt. After all, Miro The Brave is not just for me – but for you as well.

Writing on this platform has taught me the importance of living out my purpose for the benefit of others. Writing is therapeutic and often very fun for me but beyond that, it’s a way for me to reach and connect with others. Miro The Brave is an avenue for me to encourage and entertain my readers. I am fulfilled knowing that my words have the capability of impacting others for good and I am thankful for the immense amount of support I’ve received. Since starting this blog, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with amazing women that blog, create content, and love words as much as I do. I have received so much love and timely support from others that help me through dry spells. I am constantly encouraged by friends and family to be the absolute best version of myself, which in turn boosts my creativity. I am no island; my tribe helps keep me going.

I’ve already grown so much throughout this process and there’s still tons more that I need to learn. But if this past year has taught me anything it is to keep moving forward in the direction of my dreams. I’d like to encourage you to move forward as well. What burning desire is in your heart? What is the project that scares you but is constantly on your mind? Is it a book, degree, blog, clothing line, new job, or a hobby you want to turn into a business? Whatever it is, go after it! Push your fears aside and bravely pursue your passions and interests. Before you know it a year will pass and you’ll be surprised by how much you’ve accomplished in that time. There are lives that will be touched when you say yes to a dream…so say yes.

Cheers to a wonderful, bloggerific year & here’s to many more!

– photos taken by Harbor Grace Photography –