I remember a conversation I had with my mentor several years ago where we discussed the way we viewed ourselves in our twenties. “I enjoyed my thirties more than my twenties. I felt so sure of myself.” One of her clients overheard us and joined the conversation. “Oh yeah,” he said with assurance, “It’s so much better. You’re more confident in who you are as a person.” I held onto that conversation and waited for it to ring true. Sure, my twenties were exciting and eye-opening but they were also filled with a lack of confidence fueled by passiveness. It wasn’t until my 29th year that things started to click. I uncovered many truths about myself and came to startling revelations about who I was, what I truly wanted, and what I was capable of possessing.

Make no mistake, though, I’ve been thirty for all of one week and some change and I don’t have it completely together, nor do I think it’s realistic to put that type of pressure on myself. But I am already beginning to understand what my mentor and her client told me years ago. The older I get the more confident I become. That confidence pushes me to reflect on my past with the intent of creating a greater future. So in honor of my thirtieth year, I’m sharing thirty thoughts and lessons experienced in my twenties that are bound to make my next decade of life that much better. Think of them as gems gifted by my younger self. I hope they resonate with you.

Like my father once told me – age is a state of mind.
Remember that as the numbers increase.

Rough days occur but beautiful days occur just as often.
Resolve to stay in a positive state regardless of what happens.

My skin is, in fact, changing.
Get serious about a skin care regimen.

My parents did the best they could in shaping my views on life.
I am now responsible for cultivating the life I want and my outlook on it.

Questions of faith may arise.
Seek the truth of Jesus Christ no matter how difficult it gets.

The words I speak over my life and the lives of others hold tremendous power.
Be kind and extend grace.

Multitasking is a lie.
Devote yourself to one task at a time fully and truly.

My sexual experience is not an exact replica of someone else’s reality.
Customize my experience with Chris without fear.

Friendships are not exempt from evolution.
Recognize those that are worth strengthening and those that should end.

Living in guilt is a poor utilization of time.
Live unapologetically instead.

Though it may not be fully realized, my purpose is the roadmap to fulfillment.
Pursue and fight for it relentlessly.

Exercise wisdom over emotion.
Every. Single. Time.

Comparison really is the thief of joy.
Compete to be a better version of yourself.

My talk isn’t cheap and it’s definitely worth sharing.
Use words that properly convey what is felt.

My space is golden.
Remember that my lane is adequate and more than enough for me.

Think less about executing plans & actually execute them.
Time doesn’t know the difference.

I am in control of the changes in my body and I am also in control of my thoughts towards it.
Never forget to love it through its transitions.

My power should call me to action and not paralyze me with fear.
Don’t be afraid of the good I possess.

We are only human – nothing more, nothing less.
My expectations should reflect that.

I am worthy of love and respect.
Settling for anything less than that is absurd.

Give your best to each day.
Those days add up to true change.

Anyone can dream a dream.
Go the extra mile and make it a reality.

My blessings and messes are nothing to be ashamed of.
Don’t shrink to make others comfortable.

The stories started in my twenties are unfinished works of art.
Fight to see them in print.

Family, though it may not be perfect, is a blessing nonetheless.
Appreciate its uniqueness.

Inspiration exists in abundance – its source is endless.
Tap into it anywhere and any time possible.

Life is greater than possessions.
Consume less and appreciate more.

“Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet.”
Build character through delayed gratification.

True identities are rarely presented at face value.
Take a moment to look deeper.

What is in the past should be reconciled and not idolized.
Make room for the newness of the future.

What lessons have you experienced that helped you in the future? What thought(s) came to mind as you read these statements, if any? As always, share your thoughts below!