Seattle was what I expected it to be in many ways. Cold, dreary, and wet. It surprised me in others ways, though. For one, there was the skyline set against a majestic backdrop of mountains, stunning architecture that jutted out of fog, lush greenery with a near constant covering of moisture, and rolling hills that amounted in glorious views. I knew, very quickly, that Seattle was a gem I was meant to uncover.

It’s very rare that I feel calm navigating public transportation in a new city but I felt oddly at ease hopping on the train to get to our hostel-like Airbnb in Capitol Hill. It was easy to feel at home and find our way about our corner of the city. We quickly found a gorgeous café with good drinks and comfy couches to find rest from the cold. We walked several miles to and from bus/train stations, sometimes with groceries in hand, as if we were locals. It wasn’t anything extraordinary and we liked it that way.

Time wasn’t necessarily on our side as we were in town for a graduation but we made it a priority to visit popular tourist attractions even if at unfavorable times. We got a magnificent view of the city at the Space Needle with a stomach full of knots because of the elevation, walked aimlessly around a musical fountain, then made our way to Pike Place. By the time we made it to the waterfront the market was preparing to close. Fish were tossed into expectant hands, food samples were shared, and pictures were taken in haste. As a (former) Starbucks addict, I made a beeline for the original location. I nearly missed the store because it was so small. It looked so average compared to the other locations that were situated on literally every corner. Chris made sure I didn’t spend all of our money on overpriced souvenir mugs so we settled for steaming lattes and far too many pictures.

The rest of our time in Seattle was spent surrounded by family friends and it couldn’t have been any more perfect. We laughed with each other, danced in circles until our joints ached, braved the cold and drizzle for more dancing, shared space in cramped apartments with welcoming strangers, ate greasy junk food too late at night, and somehow woke up in time for church. The pictures of our last night were few but I can still remember everything as if it didn’t happen close to two weeks ago. That’s what makes trips so significant, I suppose. It’s all about experiencing new things with the ones you love and relishing in the memories you collect along the way. And man, Seattle provided some awesome ones.


What was your favorite trip this year and what was significant about it? I’d love to hear about it below!