If you’re anything like me you’ve hopefully mapped out your goals for the year. I made a short, realistic list of goals I want to accomplish in terms of my brand and personal life and I expect to meet them in the coming months. This year, though, I decided to switch things up a bit and focus on one word that defines my frame of mind and will remind me to keep working towards everything I want this year.


| inˈten(t)SH(ə)n(ə)l | done on purpose; deliberate

I took a look back at the wonderful things I got done last year, the new projects I started, and the mind-blowing moments of bravery that made me feel alive. I also took a look at the things I didn’t accomplish, the projects I left by the wayside, and the opportunities I missed. I realized that the difference between the things I completed and the things I didn’t were a matter of intention. The trends of passivity were as clear as day. I longed for deepened relationships but rarely altered my actions to see any change. I created content when I wanted to but refused to put myself on a schedule. I dreamt of characters not yet alive in print but let the days pass without committing to writing their stories. I literally waited for new opportunities to fall into my lap instead of passionately pursuing them and convinced myself that I was okay with my work ethic. My life was okay, after all; everything was rolling along so smoothly. I was drowning in an ocean of mediocrity yet told myself that I was fine.

It is time to get deliberate about everything I experience in life.

Living a life of intention means that I’m going to places, completing tasks, being around people, and thinking and speaking thoughts on purpose. This is not to say that spontaneity is erased from life but that there is simply more meaning behind my actions. My motive is simple – I want more out of my relationships, my brand, and my life in general. I am full of potential energy. I am capable of not only dreaming grand dreams but executing them but my potential is wasted if I am content with sitting still and moving only when it is convenient. This means that I am working at being a better spouse, sibling, friend, daughter, and servant. I am asking questions and holding conversations that matter, seeking understanding, being present, and doing my part to make sure my relationships flourish. This also means I am creating content constantly and consistently, working to improve my writing skills, networking even when it terrifies me, and learning new skills that diversify me as a creative. And lastly, this means that I am intentional about what I give my body and why, consistently exercising with a goal in mind, and treating my body with respect and grace. I am no longer aimlessly floating with my head barely above water. I am braving the tides to get the things I’ve always wanted out of life.

I am living a life on purpose to achieve my purpose.

So, brave one, I hope that the year has been kind to you so far and that your heart is expectant for good things to come. I pray that you decide to become intentional about the things in your life and are blessed with the tenacity to see it through no matter what comes a long. Let’s chat – feel free to share your thoughts and the actions you plan on taking to achieve your goals this year below!