I over think the simplest of things. I am notorious for taking straightforward concepts and some how making them far more complex than they need to be. This rings true for my relationship with Christ and to be transparent, I’ve grappled with understanding and accepting God’s love for me for some time now. I know, I know. Understanding that God loved so deeply that he gave His son for us is a pretty basic concept of Christianity. I get it. But I wouldn’t be truthful if I didn’t disclose that there are days when it feels too good to be true. Fully understanding the depths of Godly love feels overwhelmingly impossible some times.

My inability to understand that God is endlessly in love with me usually occurs when I focus too much on my shortcomings and daily transgressions. I make a mistake, I think a bad thought, I lose my patience, then wonder why God (or anyone else for that matter) deals with me. It has become entirely too easy for me to place God’s love in conditional boxes. So I’m doing something about it. In this month of love I’ve picked a handful of scriptures that I will meditate on that will remind me of His character and eternal devotion to me. I hope they resonate with you and remind you to return to God’s word for encouragement and assurance.

I plan to keep these scriptures close to my heart and recite them when I need a reminder of God’s affection for me. I want to become so sure of His promises that every fear, doubt, and question becomes obsolete. That is my prayer for you, as well. Here’s to focusing on His truths and living in them!

What are some scriptures you keep in your arsenal? Do you meditate on scripture? Let me know in the comments below!