Michelle Fun Fact: I am a sucker for a good love story. Since middle school I’ve been captivated by love and how it is depicted in real life, novels, films, television, and songs. My views on love have never been stagnant as I’ve shifted through phases of extreme romanticism, periods of indifference/skepticism, all to end up with a comfortable, more realistic view of it. Simply put, my fascination with love and the stories it produces is an exciting, evolving cycle that has molded my views on life.

Join me below as I share the biggest gems I’ve received from the greatest stories of love!

Bravery Is Typically Required In Some Capacity

It takes bravery to pursue the one you love, accept or at least tolerate their flaws, join two lives (and everything that comes along with it) into one, and weather the many seasons that come with your relationship. It can be absolutely terrifying and full of unknowns but love makes you brave enough to stare those unknowns in the face and jump anyway.

Persistence Is Key

Great love requires lots of work from those involved and a heaping dose of persistence. Passiveness is the weed that diminishes the growth of a great love in the making. You’ve got to show up each day and resolve that giving up is not an option – no matter how difficult it gets. Sure, it will never be perfect but the persistent work that it takes yields sweet rewards.

Love Is Not Always What You See In Media

I enjoy cheesy rom-coms where the story ends with the guy and gal predictably beating the odds to get together but I’ve experienced enough to know that it isn’t always that simple nor is what I see an accurate depiction of real life. Love is not always as passionate as it is portrayed on screen. Love is not always as dysfunctional as it portrayed, as well. It is unpredictable at times and packed with excitement but also very normal and steady.

 Love Forces You To Confront The Icky Things In Life

Loving someone will expose the goodness in both of you but also bring you face to face with the difficult aspects of your personality and theirs. Love will give you a front row seat to the many issues of life and it is our task to work through these issues together. I appreciate stories that show lovers, families, and friends sorting through the undesirable realities of life.

 Love constantly evolves

The love we have for our families, friends, and partners isn’t always linear. Love is not immune to peaks and valleys no matter how much we attempt to keep it in a cozy box. That’s one thing I’ve come to appreciate about love; it is constantly evolving, keeping us on our toes, comforting us with stillness only to shake things up and unfold new things as it ages.


Note: I’m not as sappy as I once was but my goodness…romantic comedies/dramas have been my thing this month! Below are a few movies I’ve seen recently that made me reflect on my own relationships, laugh, and have all of the feels. Have you seen any of them?

Begin Again
Everybody Loves Somebody
The Big Sick
Liberal Arts
Everything, Everything
I Will Follow

Are you a fan of love stories? What is your favorite type and why? Let me know in the comment section below!